# Qualified Talent
Qualified Talent

All of our candidates are vetted for their superb technical capabilities and most go through a rigorous certification process in their respective technology domains. In addition, we screen and continuously train our talent for their soft skills such as effective communication, collaboration, ethics, and innovation and they make a positive impact to any team they join

# Robust Processes
Robust Processes

Our engineers are well-versed in a variety of project management and collaboration tools and are flexible enough to use the tools that you use in your team. So, whether you use GitHub or GitLab, Slack or Teams, Gmail or Outlook, or anything else for that matter, our talent will use the same tools and become an extension of your team.

# Security & IP Protection
Security & IP Protection

Whether you are developing a new product, or you are enhancing an existing one, the idea, know-how and intellectual property is always yours, even if we contribute to ideas. Our services are work-for-hire and we mean it. We take confidentiality and IP protection very seriously and we have processes in place to ensure that when you work with us, your IP will be in safe hands.

# Technical Training
Technical Training

We provide intensive training to our employees in subjects such as DevOps, Full-Stack development, Java, Hadoop, Data Science, Workflow automation, Salesforce, and other leading technologies. Our developers stay current with the latest technical skills, so you always get the experts that are needed to make your projects a success.

# Flexibility

We believe that every customer is unique and we are nimble enough to customize our service offerings to meet your needs. So, whether you are looking for talent to augment your teams on a short-term basis or longer-term durations, or you want to set up a fully managed agile development team, we will work with you to create an engagement model that works for you.


You will find that hiring a skilled resource from us increases your ROI because you only pay for their productive time. We pay for the recruitment fees, employee and health benefits, employer taxes, insurance, office, and equipment rental, training, compliance, sick leaves, vacations, and numerous other overheads. There is no ramp-up time overhead with us and our talent will be productive on day one. We will even replace a resource if you find them to not be satisfactory at no cost to you.